Monarchs and Admirals

Photo001002Photo (5)Monarch and Admiral Classrooms (3 to 6 years)
The children in our Monarch and Admiral classrooms possess what Dr. Maria Montessori called “The Absorbent Mind”. This type of mind has the unique ability to absorb all aspects of the environment without effort or fatigue.  Our Monarch and Admiral classrooms are a rich community that provides exercises in practical life, language development, mathematics, geography, history, biology, music, and art.

The children in our preschool classrooms work together to provide a safe, peaceful and enjoyable community.  A mother once told teachers at MDS that her daughter responds to the typical, “what did you do at school today?”  With the answer…”EVERYTHING!”  This answer sums up the children in our busy Monarch and Admiral classrooms.  They love what they are doing and learning!