Farmer in the Dell

Last week, we traveled back to the continent of North America, to our country The United States of America and focused on our state of Ohio! The children enjoyed learning many facts about Ohio. They learned our state bird, animal, reptile, insect, tree, flower and motto.This Monday we will learn about the city of Toledo!

We will show pictures of familiar places in our city that the children will recognize for example, The Art Museum, Mud Hens Stadium, Downtown Library, Maumee River and Walbridge Park. On Tuesday we will talk briefly of the other major cities and rivers of Ohio. After Spring break, we will learn about the farmlands of Ohio. We will learn about life on the farm, planting and harvesting and the animals on the farm. If you are home over break, it would be a great time to visit a farm. 

FEA-ONTHEJOB18p01Theme works: Tracing the map of Ohio, pin punching Ohio, coloring eggs, simple shape drawings of farm animals, matching farm animal babies with the adult animals, sorting wild and farm animals.

Songs: Farmer in The Dell (with props), Old McDonald