Europe Week 1

“This then is the duty of the educator: to stir up life, but leave it free to develop. The Discovery of the Child”

We are looking forward to the next three weeks as we learn about the continent of Europe. We will learn about the physical map of Europe and learn about the many different animals that live on the continent. We will begin to learn about the many countries and cultures of Europe. This week, we will focus on Italy and Germany. The children will make homemade pasta on Tuesday and we will eat it together on Wednesday with butter and parmesan cheese. The children will listen to a sample of Opera and will draw to the beat of the many German classical musicians. On Friday, we will make and eat muesli. Send in your child’s favorite dried fruit. We will mix the variety together and add it to vanilla yogurt.

The children will have their own passport, earning stamps as we learn about
the many countries. Over the next three weeks, we will also learn about the
countries of France, Spain, England and Ireland. We invite children or parents to
share stories, pictures, postcards or other items from Europe to share with our
classroom. Please let us know if you are interested so we can schedule a time for
you to share.

Theme work: Europe sand map, Europe pin punching, flag nomenclature

Songs: Flying Around the World and Mio Galleto (My Rooster – Italy)