Kingston visits MDS

20130514_135527When the residents of Kingston in Sylvania arrived, the students literally jumped at the opportunity to introuduce themselves to our guests and offer them a seat. We shared an amazing afternoon together.  Amidst the stories and laughter we created abstract flower pot pictures.  Thanks Kingston for visiting MDS!

Europe Week 1

“This then is the duty of the educator: to stir up life, but leave it free to develop. The Discovery of the Child”

We are looking forward to the next three weeks as we learn about the continent of Europe. We will learn about the physical map of Europe and learn about the many different animals that live on the continent. We will begin to learn about the many countries and cultures of Europe. This week, we will focus on Italy and Germany. The children will make homemade pasta on Tuesday and we will eat it together on Wednesday with butter and parmesan cheese. The children will listen to a sample of Opera and will draw to the beat of the many German classical musicians. On Friday, we will make and eat muesli. Send in your child’s favorite dried fruit. We will mix the variety together and add it to vanilla yogurt.

The children will have their own passport, earning stamps as we learn about
the many countries. Over the next three weeks, we will also learn about the
countries of France, Spain, England and Ireland. We invite children or parents to
share stories, pictures, postcards or other items from Europe to share with our
classroom. Please let us know if you are interested so we can schedule a time for
you to share.

Theme work: Europe sand map, Europe pin punching, flag nomenclature

Songs: Flying Around the World and Mio Galleto (My Rooster – Italy)



Farmer in the Dell

Last week, we traveled back to the continent of North America, to our country The United States of America and focused on our state of Ohio! The children enjoyed learning many facts about Ohio. They learned our state bird, animal, reptile, insect, tree, flower and motto.This Monday we will learn about the city of Toledo!

We will show pictures of familiar places in our city that the children will recognize for example, The Art Museum, Mud Hens Stadium, Downtown Library, Maumee River and Walbridge Park. On Tuesday we will talk briefly of the other major cities and rivers of Ohio. After Spring break, we will learn about the farmlands of Ohio. We will learn about life on the farm, planting and harvesting and the animals on the farm. If you are home over break, it would be a great time to visit a farm. 

FEA-ONTHEJOB18p01Theme works: Tracing the map of Ohio, pin punching Ohio, coloring eggs, simple shape drawings of farm animals, matching farm animal babies with the adult animals, sorting wild and farm animals.

Songs: Farmer in The Dell (with props), Old McDonald


April Theme

In the month of April we enjoyed learning about life on the farm. The children learned all about the animals on the farm, plus the names of the male, female and baby animals. The children enjoyed planting spinach, lettuce and radishes in our garden. We now have chicken and turkey eggs in our classroom.

This month we began talking about the exciting season of Spring. The children will learn about the life cycle of the flower. We will continue planting flowers inside the classroom. We introduced flower arranging with fresh flowers. The botany cabinet will be added to shelves and children will be introduced to the many different types and shapes of leaves.

We have also discussed about the many ways we can do our part in taking care of our planet.The next three weeks we will be talking about the life in the pond. We will learn about fish, frogs and turtles. We look forward to a field trip to The Botanical Gardens next week! We will walk over, spend some time exploring and have a group snack, picnic style, near the large pond.


The children are learning in small groups about the continent of Asia. They will learn about the geography, many cultures and animals of Asia! Favorite works from last week were flower arranging, making fresh squeezed orange juice, silver polishing and wood polishing.

We look forward to a wonderful Month of learning! We know the children will be busy!

Chicken Hatching!

Watching chickens hatch out of their small cramped living space can be a fascinating thing to watch. We received our chicken eggs 22 days ago from one of our Teacher’s friend here at Montessori Day!


As a class we counted down the days until the eggs were to hatch as the excitement bubbled. Our class was able to watch one of eggs hatch after lunch one day and the other two hatched during the evening while the children were at home. We talked how important it was, now that the baby chickens have hatched, to keep a quiet and peaceful environment for them. We noticed that when we get especially quite the chickens seem to chirp chirp even louder. We are so excited to experience the new chickens as they grow. Please ask your child if they have seen the chickens yet and what have they learned so far?

Did you know?

  • The most eggs laid by a chicken in one day is seven.
  • The greatest number of recorded yolks in one egg was 9.
  • Some breeds of chickens are very talented – they can lay colored eggs in shades of blue and green such as the Ameraucana and Araucana chickens.
  • Chickens have over 200 distinct noises they can make for communicating.
  • The chicken is believed to be the closest living relative to the T-Rex.
  • Chickens can travel 9 miles an hour in a combination of running, jumping and flapping.
  • When there is no rooster in a flock of hens one hen will take over the job, crow and stop laying eggs.
  • In Roman times, the expression “You were raised by a hen”, was a compliment as a chicken makes a great mother.

Hurry and Grow!

We all have worked diligently to prepare our garden.  The children all took part in cleaning, planting and are now watering the garden.  We are so excited to see our radish and pea plants have sprouted.  We have also planted a variety of flower seeds in the classrooms and are beginning to see them sprout.  We like tofreeimage-5742217-web-300x203 observe the changes and growth of the plants each day!  We look forward to tasting some of the vegetables before the end of the year. Hurry and grow!