April Theme

In the month of April we enjoyed learning about life on the farm. The children learned all about the animals on the farm, plus the names of the male, female and baby animals. The children enjoyed planting spinach, lettuce and radishes in our garden. We now have chicken and turkey eggs in our classroom.

This month we began talking about the exciting season of Spring. The children will learn about the life cycle of the flower. We will continue planting flowers inside the classroom. We introduced flower arranging with fresh flowers. The botany cabinet will be added to shelves and children will be introduced to the many different types and shapes of leaves.

We have also discussed about the many ways we can do our part in taking care of our planet.The next three weeks we will be talking about the life in the pond. We will learn about fish, frogs and turtles. We look forward to a field trip to The Botanical Gardens next week! We will walk over, spend some time exploring and have a group snack, picnic style, near the large pond.


The children are learning in small groups about the continent of Asia. They will learn about the geography, many cultures and animals of Asia! Favorite works from last week were flower arranging, making fresh squeezed orange juice, silver polishing and wood polishing.

We look forward to a wonderful Month of learning! We know the children will be busy!